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Nanonord has the opportunity to help you achieve even your most ambitious career goals. From agriculture to energy, our diversified activities allow us to offer careers that change the lives of generalists and specialists alike. Discover new career opportunities in Nanonord.

We are an established company with a strong scientific foundation combined with the engineering know-how required to deliver reliable Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) sensors for use in industrial and laboratory settings.

Through our Tveskaeg devices we’re able to deliver NMR relaxometry technology to a variety of sectors including food processing, agriculture, and water treatment. We develop our technology entirely in-house all the way from magnet and probe design to our Data-as-a-Service cloud platform, and we rely on the diverse skillsets of our team and their willingness to explore novel solutions to tough challenges.

We service customers all across the globe while maintaining close ties with both industrial and research partners, ensuring we’re always able to bridge the gap between highly demanding real-world use-cases and the latest techniques from the NMR research community.

About You

We value diversity of thought in our team, and we hope you can bring along new perspectives and ideas on the challenges we face.

You are eager to learn and …

  • Able to solve complex problems and deliver results in a timely manner
  • A self-starter and naturally driven and inventive
  • Like to challenge existing paradigms and come up with smarter ways to develop or lead
  • Enjoy exploring new methods and perfecting existing workflows

You are a team player and …

  • Work well with others
  • Appreciate and contribute to a sociable, friendly, and supportive work environment
  • Willing to be flexible when needed

Lastly, you're fluent in English and have a proven track-record within your field, be it through work experience or within your studies.

Career Opportunities

We're always looking for more talented and driven people to join our team and we strongly encourage you to reach out if you feel we might be a good fit as your future employer.


Software Developer

Our software team handles a broad set of applications ranging from low-level C/C++ code acting as a hardware abstraction layer to the MATLAB/Octave engine that powers our Tveskaeg devices. Further, we develop our own Data-as-a-Service cloud platform in C# which is tasked with communicating with our devices located all around the globe. We use MySQL as our database engine throughout our tech-stack. Our services run on a combination of on-premises servers and Azure Cloud instances.

We are hoping you have some of the following skills:

  • High-level programming experience with a willingness to work in C# and/or MATLAB
  • SQL proficiency, ideally with MySQL or its derivatives
  • Knowledge of DevOps tooling and practices, ideally including Git, Docker, and Jenkins
  • Ability to work proficiently in Linux and/or embedded environments

The ideal candidate would also have experience with some of the following:

  • Deployment strategies and cloud infrastructure, including containerization, orchestration and scalable deployment
  • Operational experience with DNS and networking

This can optionally be combined with the Project Lead role described below.

Electronic and Hardware Engineer/Designer

Our hardware team designs both the mechanical parts that make up our rugged enclosure and the electronic circuitry that couples our ARM-based processor with the various daughter boards tasked with driving motors, tuning resonance circuits, and collecting the RF signals that form the cornerstone of NMR technology.

We are hoping you have some of the following skills:

  • Design, verification and troubleshooting of electronic circuit applications such as power management, analogue signalling and processing, RF, digital communication, FPGA and ARM, ideally using OrCAD
  • Design review within the scope of EMC/EMI along with the necessary testing and troubleshooting
  • Knowledge of functional testing methodologies
  • Mechanical design and manufacturing, ideally using Autodesk Inventor
  • Experience with production-ready test equipment and maintenance
  • Coordination with EMS and subcontractors to ensure timely deliveries
  • Experience with part sourcing

This can optionally be combined with the Project Lead role described below.

Application Engineer/Technician

As an application engineer you pride yourself on having a particularly broad skillset and an inventive mind. The ability to quickly prototype additional peripherals or setups for our Tveskaeg devices is crucial as we bring our NMR technology to new markets and sectors.

We are hoping you have some of the following:

  • Proven track-record of prototyping electrical and mechanical devices
  • Experience with a low-level programming language like C
  • Willingness to integrate hardware with our platform using MATLAB/Octave
  • Ability to work closely with specialised team members
  • Proficiency in prototype manufacturing
  • Developing novel approaches to tough, practical challenges

This can optionally be combined with the Project Lead role described below.

Project Lead

We are looking for skilled and structured project leaders to work within our teams and aid in organising and streamline our workflows. As project leader you will also be working with our customers and acting as a link between our industry partners and your internal team. Crucially, you'll be a working member of your team rather than holding an entirely managerial role.

We are hoping you have some of the following:

  • Technical ability and willingness to work within one of our software or hardware teams
  • Strong communication skills and a commercial appearance
  • Documented experience as a technical project leader
  • Knowledge of project organisation and structuring
  • A solution-oriented approach to challenges
  • Willingness to travel to customers in Europe and the US (30+ working days/year)
  • Compassionate and empathic nature


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Nanonord always welcomes applications from talented and competent people who can contribute to the success of our business. Even if you don't find a suitable position in the vacancies listed above, we would be happy to receive an unsolicited application for future consideration.