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Tveskaeg Flow

Say Hello to the most sophisticated sensor for materials analysis.

Tveskaeg Flow is an in line sensor capable of measuring over 100 nuclear species in liquids and materials.

Mostly known today as the best NPK analyser in manure and the fastest and most accurate sensor for determination of salt, fat and proteins, Tveskaeg Flow can do much more for many different applications.


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Tveskaeg Benchtop

Tveskaeg Benchtop sets a new standard for easy measurements. Powered by revolutionizing 1-70 MHz multi frequency magnetic resonance technology Tveskaeg is able to reliably measure the concentration of virtually any target molecule or compound at the atomic level - without the hassle of sensor cleaning and maintenant.

Tveskaeg Benchtop exists also in Pump version, with integrated fluid pump, the most accurate and easy to use sensor, ideal for any liquid analyses.

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