CatGuard from NanoNord is the world’s first device that can measure catfines in heavy fuel oil via the revolutionary NMR technology – online, offline, 24/7.

  • Fully automated
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Near real-time results
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Measurement accuracy equivalent to accredited laboratories
  • Designed to operate under extreme conditions
  • Low TCO

Guard your engines

CatGuard is the world’s first solution to provide accurate and reliable on-board monitoring of catfine levels in heavy fuel oils. The advanced yet easy-to-use system uses the patented NMR technology and enables immediate response to catfine threats. This makes it a highly valuable means to reduce wear and guard engines from serious damage and general degradation.

Why catfines matter

As the maritime industry faces increased regulation, monitoring the factors affecting engine performance is vital. Catfines, which are tiny particles of aluminium and silicon found in heavy fuel oil, are connected to more than 80% of ship engine failures. This means that they cost shipping companies a vast amount of money each year, despite the use of purifiers.

Catguard specifications

Cat fines precision: 5 ppm @ 6 hours
Cat fine spike detection: in 5-25 minutes
Sample point: 1
Power usage: 85-260 VAC / 320 Watt peak
Ethernet: 1 piece output 4-20 mA
Relays: relays for exceeded limits and system diagnostics
Size: 65,5 x 53,5 x 25,2 cm (HWD)
Weight: 37,5 KG

Technology meets science

CatGuard is the result of years of extensive research and close collaboration with relevant industry leaders in the ship equipment field. The solution has been developed together with iNano of Aarhus University, an interdisciplinary Nano science centre in Denmark. CatGuard measurement results have been rigorously tested through an independently validated correlation exercise together with accredited fuel testing laboratories. The system has also been type tested in accordance with Lloyds Register marine products test ENV2.

Download CatGuard brochure (PDF)

How it works

At the heart of CatGuard is the patented, revolutionary Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology, which is a reliable and non-invasive measuring technique. Once installed, CatGuard automatically monitors fuel quality by a schedule set up on the built-in touchscreen, and alerts the crew if catfines or any other parameter breaks a fully customizable threshold level.